• Sant'Andrea Cathedral with a long staircase made of 57 steps and a polychrome fa?ade. The bronze portal was made in Constantinople in XI century. Near the Cathedral there the Crocifisso Church with its Romanic bell tower, built in XII century
  • Paradiso cloister, with small crossed arches, it was built in XII century and has a Gothic-Arabic style. It is surrounded by an Arabic portico and there are several archaeological Roman and Middle Ages finds
  • Museo della Carta, a paper museum where visitors can see the tools and techniques used to produce paper
  • Porta della Marina, the Middle Ages entrance to the town
  • Santa Maria a Piazza o di Porto Salvo church, in Baroque style
  • The square of the cathedral with a statue dedicated to Saint Andrew
  • Castriota Palace built in XV century
  • Santa Maria Maggiore Church built at the end of IX century
  • "Valle dei Mulini o delle Ferriere", the valley where there are the remains of ancient paper factories, of a foundry and of an old power station
  • Sant'Eustachio Church of XII century
  • San Filippo Neri Church del XII century
  • San Giovanni Church with a three-style bell tower: Arabic, Gothic and neo-classical. It has a inique majolica clock
  • Madonna del Carmine Church of XVI century
  • "Supportico Rua", a tunnel with barrel-vault
  • Arsenale della Repubblica, the arsenal of the republic, of Arabic- Norman style, with cross vaults
  • Museo dell?arte contadina, with all the tools used for agriculture
  • Museo Civico, the civic museum where there are the "Tabula de Amalpha" (the maritime law code) and the "Codice Foscariniano", a great collection of manuscripts of XVII century together with the costumes of the Regata Storica delle Repubbliche Marinare made in 1950s by the scenographer Scielzo
  • The five hamlets (Pogerola, the ancient castle of the town; Pastena, near the walls; Lone, with its cultivated terraces; Vettica Minore, with beaches and caves; Tovere, the highest)
  • Annunziata Church in Pontone


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